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The Plan


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THE PLAN will not only present ideas, but TRUE APPLICABLE STEPS for the reader to take to initiate change in his or her own life immediately! THE PLAN WORKBOOK will assist the reader as he or she completes each chapter to start implementing what was just read.

What can you expect from the Workbook?

Here's what you will complete:

Journaling and self-reflection exercises to help you see how racism has affected you and your loved ones - and how you can counteract its effects.

A financial plan to increase your income, educate you on the power of credit, pay off your debt, and start building wealth now.

A political plan to use every tool at your disposal to put pressure on local, state, and federal politicians to support police reform, reparations, and more.

A community plan to support your local Black activists, businesses, artists, and more.

And finally a mental plan to help you become the best version of yourself.

Those who dedicate themselves to completing this program will find that it offers limitless opportunities for growth. Because this work is never-ending, this workbook program can be completed over and over again with ongoing benefits to your personal growth and your community.

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